Review on: Mcdaniel C.P. American-Soviet Cultural Diplomacy: The Bolshoi Ballet's American Premiere. Lanham, Maryland [Etc.]: Lexington Books, Cop. 2015. XXXV, 257 p.

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Abstract. The review analyzes the monograph of Cadra Peterson McDaniel, devoted to the problem of musical cultural exchange between the USSR and the USA based on the example of the Bolshoi Theater ballet tour in 1959. McDaniel examines the repertoire of the tour, reveals the principles of its acquisition. Various assessments of performances and mixed programs of Soviet and American critics are given, unprecedented interest and audience reach of the audience are noted. Attempts have been made to discover and describe the declared and real positions of the official authorities of the USSR and the USA regarding the implementation of cultural exchange in the context of the Cold War. Various sources have been put into the scientific circulation, including data from the periodical press, the central Russian archives and declassified archival materials of the United States. Despite the valuable empirical base, the research is characterized by not always logical conclusions, tendentious and politicized nature, insufficient development of the conceptual apparatus, lack of description and substantiation of methodological tools. The relevance and prospects of addressing the almost unexplored history of musical diplomacy and the need for its further development in domestic and foreign historiography are emphasized.

Keywords: review, USSR, USA, cultural diplomacy, cultural exchange, musical diplomacy, Cold War, Bolshoi Theater, ballet.

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