Between the «Hedgehogs» and the «Foxes»: a View from a Nearby Guild. Review on: Uvarov P.Yu. Between the «Hedgehogs» and the «Foxes». Notes About the Historians. M.: New Literary Review, 2015. – 280 p.

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Abstract. The collection, published by the publishing house “New Literary Review”, is made up of articles devoted to the historical community in France and Russia. Key attention is paid to medieval studies and medievalists.
The division of historians to the “hedgehogs” and the “foxes” taken by the author from the essay of Isaiah Berlin. But the main subject in the book – that brings together – on the fate and the craft of the historian/historians.
The book is enthralling, easy to read, but at the same time informative. Works of this kind are very useful – it’s a kind of a mirror in which historians have to look from time to time. The book examines the behavioral strategies of Soviet and Russian medievalists and their research practices, relationship with Marxism and the Communist Party. Much attention P.Yu. Uvarov pay to the rules of the corporation of historians, its features. He writes about the problems of the formation of the historical community in Russia.
A historic community in Russia has no leaders, it’s quite mixed and separated. But such works as the «Between the “hedgehogs” and the “foxes”» allow to understand the development of medieval studies and the historical community, to identify problems and priorities of historians.
This book – another small step on the way to the corporation.

Keywords: P.Yu. Uvarov, medieval studies, French and Russian historiography, Soviet science, historical community, corporation, social history.

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