For the Anniversary of A.S. Skripkin

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Abstract. 28 November 2015 marks 75 years Anatoly S. Skripkin, Volgograd known archaeologist, honored scientist of Russia, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, head of the Department of archeology and foreign history, Volgograd state University.
A.S. Skripkin graduated from the historical faculty of the Institute in 1966 and in 1974 he defended the candidate’s dissertation on topic “Pozdnesarmatskaya culture of the Lower Volga region”, in 1984 he published the monograph “The Lower Volga region in the first centuries of our era”. In 1990, A.S. Skripkin publishes the monograph “Asian Sarmatia: problems of chronology and historical perspective” (1990) and on the basis of its defended his doctoral thesis (1992). Change autochthonous-evolutionary concept of history Sarmatian migration, grounded A.S. Skripkin in this monograph and the later works, is considered one of the most significant events in Sarmatian in the second half of XX century.
Currently A.S. Skripkin actively engaged in the development of the early Sarmatian perspective, is the organizer and participant of various scientific conferences and seminars, teaching and publishing. The result of the efforts of A.S. Skripkin was the creation of the Volgograd Sartmat Studies School, from which came a number of famous scientists.

Keywords: 75th anniversary of A.S. Skripkin, Volgograd State University, Sarmatian archaeology, research, teaching and publishing.

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